Jocelyn Brown, LM

midwifery and home birth


This free, hour-long info-session is designed for those expecting a baby to explore their medical options for pregnancy and birth, as well as additional support ideas such as doula care. You’ll learn the difference between OBs, midwives, and doulas, in-hospital and out-of-hospital birth, and learn how to customize available resources for your unique needs. Birth partners are encouraged to attend!


This workshop is designed for those who are wishing to give birth without medication, with their partners by their side. Together, you will learn about the phases of normal birth, what to expect from your birthing body and how your baby participates! Laboring persons will learn about breathing and vocalizing for labor, position changes, deep relaxation, and other methods of being with sensations of birth. Partners will learn labor support techniques such as touch and massage, encouragement, nourishment, trust, and grounding. “Laboring Together” is taught from the yogic perspective by a licensed community midwife who has 13 years of birth experience and 6 years of yoga teaching experience. Please bring at least one yoga mat (or you can rent one at the front desk!).