what does prenatal care look like? do i need to see an ob/gyn, too?

prenatal care with a midwife looks in many ways similar to care with an OB/gyn. I offer you routine blood, urine and other laboratory tests and refer you for ultrasound as needed. I’ll measure your uterus and palpate for fluid levels and fetal position. that’s basic clinical maternity care and you will receive that from any qualified provider. what’s different is that midwifery care has the luxury of time. spending 45-90 minutes per visit allows me to offer you informed choice about your options for care and to practice preventative care such as nutrition, supplementation, mental health and exercise recommendations. having more Time in visits also allows us to get to know each other so that i’m a familiar presence at your birth.

as long as you stay low-risk, you won’t need to see an ob/gyn separately. one exception: if you are a Medi-cal client or are insured by an HMO, you may wish to seek co-care with an ob/gyn, as your lab tests and ultrasounds will be better covered if they are provided by your in-network doc.