what is your hospital transport rate and cesarean rate? what are some of the reasons we might need to transport?

My hospital transport rate in labor is 14.7%. My Cesarean rate is 8.9%. Less commonly, (2-3% of the time) a mother or a baby will need to go to the hospital after birth.

The most common reason for transporting to the hospital is a very long labor in which the laboring individual and baby are clinically fine, but after many hours (usually days) of contractions at home, the laboring person decides that pain medication is necessary.

A few other reasons for transport that may arise during or before labor are pre-eclampsia/ hypertension, Category 2 or 3 fetal heart beat pattern, or prolonged pushing stage. Reasons for needing to go to the hospital after birth are for repair of 3rd or 4th degree vaginal lacerations, shock or hemorrhage that has not resolved with medications or fluids at home, or a baby who is having respiratory challenges and needs to be monitored in the NICU.

While I always support parents in their disappointment that they need hospital care, it’s important to me that the hospital experience was ultimately a supportive and productive one. To ensure this, you will get a lot of guidance during pregnancy as to how to choose your best hospital and how to prepare for a transport. I accompany clients to the hospital for support and continuity of care.