Jocelyn Brown, LM

midwifery, home birth, water birth

Home Birth Sounds Messy and Noisy.

The mess is not that big a deal. It’s true that there are various body fluids happening during birth. You’ll purchase  a kit with absorbent maternity pads, chux pads and some non-toxic cleaning supplies so that your birth team can spot-clean any fluids that have dripped on the floor. The biggest mess potential is normal postpartum bleeding seeping through to the mattress; so your midwife will help you protect the mattress in advance. Water birth mishaps can damage flooring; Your midwife will help you keep an eye on the tub and hose and guide you to put down floor protection.

You will make noise. It will not last forever. Your baby, once born, will be far noisier than you ever were in labor. You can chat with your neighbors before the birth about the sounds they may hear or you might decide it’s none of their business.