Jocelyn Brown, LM

midwifery, home birth, water birth

What are Your Transport Statistics?

The following statistics are compiled from my experiences as a certified out-of-hospital midwife.

Cesarean vs. Vaginal Birth

Planned out-of hospital birth resulted in an 8.9% Cesarean rate and 91.1% of laboring persons giving birth vaginally, whether at home or in the hospital. In Los Angeles area hospitals, the Cesarean rate ranges from 28% to nearly 70%. I feel this is important to understand, as even if you do need to go to the hospital, having your midwife by your side may very well reduce your likelihood of having surgery, when compared to planned hospital birth.

Transport Rates for All Planned Out-of hospital birth

Planned out of hospital birth for all patients in my care resulted in a transport rate in labor of 14.7%.

It is interesting to separate out first-time parents from people giving birth to their second or greater term baby. First-time parents universally have a somewhat higher transport rate and are more susceptible to prolonged labor.

Transport Rates for those having their second or greater term birth

Second-time or greater birthing parents who planned a home birth with a previous vaginal birth had a transport rate in labor of 4.8%. The Cesarean birth rate in this group was less than 1%

Transport Rates for Those Having Their First Baby

First time birthing parents transported in labor at a rate of 19.5%, with a Cesarean rate of 11.7%