Jocelyn Brown, LM

midwifery, home birth, water birth

Home birth and midwifery services  


Maybe you just peed on a stick and you’re in total shock.

Maybe you’ve been in care with a provider for months, but are looking for something different. 

Either way, congratulations!  To choose home birth midwifery with Jocelyn is to develop a close relationship with your midwife, who provides you with low-risk, evidence-based maternity care throughout pregnancy, birth, and until your baby is 8 weeks old. 

All your care with Jocelyn will happen in your home, which not only saves on fuel and time, but helps you to build trust in your birth environment, your birth team, and the normalcy of birth and parenting. Going to an office for your care is fine, but to sit with your midwife in your own home, where your baby will likely be born, adds a little magic and a lot of relaxation. Partners, older siblings, and pets are always welcome - it’s your space! 

Prenatal, labor and birth, postpartum, and newborn care are approached from a holistic and preventative mindset, and you’ll receive timely referrals for risk factors that are out of the midwifery scope. If you find yourself needing hospital care, Jocelyn will prepare you and support you through that experience.


Free consultation

45-90 minute prenatal visits

24/7 on-call support from Jocelyn throughout care

Electronic charting portal and access to library of informational handouts

Referrals to other care providers as needed

Back-up midwife and assistant midwife

Continuous support during labor and birth, including medical equipment and medications that your midwife brings

4 visits for maternal postpartum and well-baby care

Some insurance companies pay pretty well for out-of-hospital birth with a licensed midwife, and some don’t. A great place to start is to contact a biller to check into your policy. Jocelyn uses Cohosh Billing Services:

Or, contact Jocelyn for cash discounts and payment plan: