Jocelyn Brown, LM

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 Frequently Asked questions

These are all the (very reasonable) questions I hear when I meet with new clients.


Why Home Birth?

Home birth makes my heart sing. You won’t have to travel anywhere in labor and your birth team comes to you.

What Experience Will You Bring to My Care and Birth? 

All in all I’ve attended about 400-450 births.

What is Your Philosophy?

It’s pretty simple! You know how most of our bodies work really well throughout our lives and we rarely stop to think about how high-functioning we are? Pregnancy and birth work that way, too.

Can I Have My Baby in the Water?

Absolutely! Many laboring people report that warm water is relaxing and excellent for pain!

Home Birth Sounds Messy and Noisy!

It’s not really that big a deal.

What Kind of a Midwife Are You?

I am a certified professional midwife and a licensed midwife. (CPM, LM.)


What if we Need to go to the Hospital?

I am particularly passionate about the topic of home-to-hospital transport. Nobody wants to be hospitalized, but the presence of the hospital and the willingness of hospital care providers to show up for the home birth community is essential to the safety of home birth. Home-to-hospital transports are not that rare. This is because we aim to transport for risk factors that arise, long before an emergency arises.

What are Your Transport Statistics?

The following statistics are compiled from my experiences as a certified out-of-hospital midwife:

Do You Offer VBAC?

“VBAC” means “vaginal birth after cesarean.” Another term gaining popularity is “TOLAC,” which means “trial of labor after cesarean.”

What Does Prenatal Care with a Midwife Look Like?

Prenatal care with a midwife looks in many ways similar to care with an OB/GYN. What’s different is that midwifery care has the luxury of time.

Photo by  Hana Souther

Photo by Hana Souther

What Does The Follow-Up Care Look Like?

This is a question people almost never ask but I always bring it up! It’s hard to look ahead at what you’ll need after the birth when the birth itself seems so big and mysterious.

Why Is Insurance So Confusing When It Comes to Home Birth?

Each insurance plan is different. Always compare your midwifery care coverage to what you might pay in the hospital, as high deductibles exist for many insured people, regardless of place of birth.