Jocelyn Brown, LM

midwifery, home birth, water birth



Jocelyn has been attending births in one role or another since 2006 and graduated from midwifery school in 2011. Over 400 babies later, Jocelyn is enjoying attending home births as a licensed midwife all over Los Angeles. She is originally from Minnesota and has practiced in NYC, Portland, and Northern Haiti.

Jocelyn has been drawn to physiology and healthcare for as long as she can remember, but didn’t know midwives were a thing until she learned about them as a yoga teacher in 2004. Instead of jumping into a midwifery program, she cautiously approached the possibility by studying for her doula certification and teaching prenatal yoga for a few years. Having practiced as a doula and a yoga teacher informs Jocelyn’s physiological view of birth: Labor is mostly normal, and many challenges can be corrected with movement, position change, teamwork, and shifts in perspective.

Jocelyn’s other interests include her dog, reading, yoga, hiking, cooking, houseplants, helping out on her friends’ ranch, and is an active member of the Los Angeles Tenant’s Union.